Fly Fishing

The Middle Provo continues to fish well, and everyone is awaiting the Green Drake hatch.  The most productive fly fishing on the Middle Provo has been from the Bunny Farm up to the dam. The dry fly fishing has turned off but the nymph fishing continues to be great. It’s good to get an early start on the river. The fish have been actively feeding from 7:00 – 11:30 AM with a strong midge hatch, and the bite has slowed down in the afternoon. The most productive flies have been a pale midge in a size 18-22, as your point fly, and dropping a size 22-24 chocolate or brown thread midge below.  We have also had success on size 24 grey thread midges.

The fly fishing has not changed much in the past couple of weeks on the Lower Provo. They are still keyed into the sow bugs but are getting a little wary with the increase of angling pressure.  As of late, I have had more success by fishing really small sows bugs, as small as a size 22. I am always amazed at how they can pick up such a small sow bug in even the fastest water. I suspect they are going to raise the water on Lower Provo within the next week for the June Sucker spawn. Once the water comes down, we should really start seeing a good PMD hatch.

The Upper Green has come up to 4,500 CFS in the past couple of days and I have a feeling it might hit around 8,000 CFS before run off is done. It is still fishable at these flows, just remember the fish are going to be tight to the bank.  I don’t anticipate the PMD,s and Yellow Sallies to really start hatching before the beginning of July. I think the prime fishing is going to be July 1st to July 14th.

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