Utah Winter Fly Fishing

Utah Winter Fly Fishing 

Not only is Utah good for Skiing and Snowboarding in the winter, but we have excellent Fly Fishing as well. Trout have to eat all year long, so that means even in the winter!  Winter fishing is preferred by some because that means less crowded local rivers. You can expect to catch rainbow trout, brown trout, and Rocky Mountain White Fish. Here are 3 reasons on why you should take time out of your ski trip and take a day to get out on the river.


-The Scenery

Don’t get me wrong, Utah is gorgeous in the Summer and Fall with all of its wonderful colors, but winter is my most favorite of all.  There is nothing better than being out on the river after fresh snowfall. The trees are insanely gorgeous with all of the fresh snow on them.  As long as you layer, you will enjoy the nice crisp air.  


-Phenomenal Dry Fly Fishing and Midge hatches

Midges are a primary food source for trout on our local tail-waters. Midge hatch year-round but are most active during the winter months. The Middle Provo River, Lower Provo River and Weber River see excellent midge hatches in the Winter. Most Anglers are surprised to find out that the best dry fly fishing on our local waters is during the winter. 


-Less Crowds and Solitude 

During the winter season crowds have really thinned out. Most people don’t think of winter as excellent fishing and a lot of locals are busy chasing powder at our local resorts. It hard to beat that feeling when you have the river to yourself. Don’t get me wrong i enjoy seeing other anglers on the river but the peace and quiet you get fly fishing in the winter time, is something I look forward to all year long. If you would like to Book a Trip just click. 


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