The Weber River

Fly fishing on the Weber River is one of Utah’s overlooked gems, just a short ride from Park City Utah. The Weber River is slightly smaller than the Provo River, and can be characterized as a medium sized stream perfect for wad fishing. The Weber River has numerous access points so it never to hard to find a bit of solitude even on the weekend. Often over shadowed by the Provo River, the Weber River is a blue ribbon tailwater, that is a trophy fishery in its own right.

With a healthy diet of sow bugs these fish tend to be big.  The average trout on the Weber River is 16-18 inches with many fish over 21+ inches. the Weber is largely populated by brown trout but you have a good chance at catching Rainbows and Cutthroats.  The Weber River has some exceptional hatches throughout the year, including its incredible early season, “mother’s day” caddis hatch. Park City Fly Fishing Company primarily focus its guide trips on the weber river between Rock Port reservoir and Echo reservoir. The easy wading on this stretch makes the Weber River great for beginners and also challenges the most experienced anglers. Let the Park City Fly Fishing Company help you explore this diamond in the rough.

James Taylor Weber River Testimonal picI’ve been fishing with Jeff for 6 years. The diversity of the fishing in the great Park City area is incredible and the Weber is a perfect example. Often overlooked and therefore uncrowded, the Weber is a smaller stream but with thick healthy, fish. Like most rivers in the area, it’s a tailwater and that is where Jeff’s local water knowledge is critical. I know this from experience having fished the Weber alone and without Jeff. Whether you’re fishing the Weber or any other of Jeff’s more off the beaten path rivers, he’s always up to speed on what’s happening and why. The result is more, bigger fish. Over the years, while Jeff and I have become friends, the reason I return is that I know each trip will be successful which is a testament to Jeff’s skill as a guide.
James Taylor, CA

Shots From The Weber River