Park City Fly Fishing

The Park City fly fishing has been excellent lately, depending on what time of day you are fishing and what stream you pick for the day. The Middle Provo has risen to its normal summer flows of about 600 CFS for the remainder of the season. I don’t expect it to come down until at least September 1st. The release coming out of the dam still has a little bit of color to it. Don’t be afraid of the off color. The fish don’t seem to mind it, and I feel it may hide a heavier leader and your shadow. With the Green Drake hatch all but coming to an end, we should see the crowds really slow down in the coming weeks. The nymphing has still been the most consistent way to catch fish with the water coming up. The best flies have been either a sow bug in size 14-18 or size 16-18 San Juan worm as your point fly and dropping a size 18-22 pale (cream colored) Midge , Size 24-26 Camel Midge or a size 18-22 Brown Yong Special. Even in the high water, there can be some dry fly action to be found. Look for rising fish in the late afternoon on PMD’s. The best dry fly action has been from the Bunny Farm up to the dam.

The Lower Provo is flowing around 500 CFS. I think this is one of the best flows for fishing. It can be a little tougher crossing the river, so please exercise caution. The best combination has been a sow bug in size 14-22 as your point fly and various PMD patterns (Bead Head Barr’s, Split Case and Crystal Hunch Back) trailed behind it. With the bigger water, the fish have been pushed to the inside of the run where they can hold in the softer water.

The Weber River has been fishing very consistent as of late. In the morning on the Weber, the fish have been all over sow bugs, but by the afternoon the fish starting moving into the faster water and are eating PMD nymphs as well. If you are looking to escape the crowds, give the Weber River a try.




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