Utah Fishing

March 2021 Utah Fishing Report

With the weather heating up the fish are beginning to become more active. March and April are some of the best times to be out on the river.  The fish are actively feeding on dry flies and emergers, but they are also always willing to eat a drifting nymph. The fish are still aggressive this time of year so streamers can be productive as well.

The Middle Provo has been right around 140 CFS all month and the flows are perfect.  The river is easy to cross in most places and there are plenty of deep holes for the fish to hide out in.  There is a good midge hatch around 11am and you can find rising trout any time after that.  The trout have been willing to eat size 18 Griffiths Gnats followed by a smaller size 22 emerger.  If you are planning on nymphing, small sow bugs and midge imitations have been successful, but don’t be scared to put something bigger on. There are plenty of larger mayfly nymphs and stoneflies in the water this time of year.

Similar to the Middle, the Lower Provo has also been fishing excellent.  The flows are a little low around 110 CFS, but we should start to see it rise in the near future.  Fish can be found in deeper holes and they aren’t as willing to eat off the top as the fish in the middle.

The flows on the Weber are low!  The fish are all concentrated in deep buckets and stay deep almost all day.  The river has still been productive, but all of the fish have been on the bottom. Overall, Utah Fishing in early spring is excellent. There are plenty of insects in the water and the fish are eager to eat. If you are interested in fishing with one of our guides, please call (435) 487-9288 or click this link to  Book A Trip.

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