When the rivers begin to rise in and around this area, it makes for some of the best fly fishing Park City, Utah has to offer.  The Middle Provo is running at 306 cfs (cubic feet per second). This is a great walk and wade flow, big enough to open up more runs and small enough to cross safely in most spots. As for the fishing, the most productive technique has been nymph fishing with a various junk food patterns and midge. I have been having the best luck on San Juan worms and sow bugs as my point fly and dropping a cream midge pattern or small thread midge behind it as my dropper pattern. The Mother’s day caddis hatch is also coming off lower on the river. You can still find a strong blue winged olive hatch up by the dam with great dry fly action depending on the day.

With Deer Creek Reservoir being full and the run off about to start on our freestone streams, the Lower Provo has come up to about 500 cfs. The fish have been gorging on sow bug and aquatic worms. If you are okay not dry fly fishing, then the Lower Provo can’t be beat. The nymph fishing with various sow bug patterns and San Juan worms has been excellent. With these large flows please be careful crossing the river.

The Weber River is also fishing excellent. Usually the flows are still really low this time of year. In the past couple of weeks, they have raised them to 125 cfs which makes for excellent dry fly fishing and nymph fishing. The Mother’s Day caddis hatch is quickly coming up the river. The caddis have worked their way up to about the “spring chicken” area. The best dry fly fishing has been first thing in the morning or late afternoon/evening.  I have been having the most success on a spent or crippled caddis pattern like a Translucent Emerger. Fly Fishing Park City, Utah this time of year offers a variety of options.  Get out there, be safe and have fun!

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