Lower Provo rainbow

In the last Couple of weeks, the fishing on the Middle Provo River has been good to great. The Buffalo midges on the Middle Provo river hit their peak a couple of weeks ago and the hatch is starting to slow down. Not to worry, the Blue Winged Olive hatch on the Middle Provo River is just getting started and should make for some excellent fly fishing in the coming weeks. In the morning, we are still nymphing with a light weight bounce or in-line rig. For nymph fishing, our best flies for the Middle Provo River are size 22-24 thread midge in colors: red, black, grey, brown, and olive. In the afternoon, as the Buffalo midge hatch and the Blue Winged Olive hatch get going, I am switching over from nymph patterns to some bigger offerings. Best nymph patterns in the afternoon on the Middle Provo River have been a size 16-18 black Zebra Midge,  18-20 Grey RS2 and 18-20 black WD-40. The dry fly fishing on the Middle Provo River is excellent in the afternoon. I have had the most success fishing an 11 foot leader with 6-7x tippet. My most productive fly combination is a size 18, black or brown, Mother Shucker dry fly with a size 20 Noseeum Blue Winged Olive or comparadun trailed behind it.

The Lower Provo River is in excellent condition for any of you anglers looking to take a break from the Middle Provo River. You’ll have a chance at catching a fish in the 20-inch range or better. The morning bite has been very consistent with an excellent midge hatch. The last couple of guide trips I have had on the Lower Provo River has been all dry fly fishing. The rig I have had the most success with has been a 12 foot leader with a size 18 cluster midge pattern, with a size 18 comparadun Blue Winged Olive trailed behind it.  Anyone looking to just nymph fish, try to find some deeper pools. The fish seem to be very spooky with such low water flows.  The best patterns for nymph fishing have been a size 16-18 sow bug as your point fly and a Blue Winged Olive nymph trailing behind it.

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