Park City Fly Fishing

If you are visiting Park City, Utah and looking for an outdoor activity, it might be a surprise to you that the ski resorts are already closed. Not to worry, spring provides some of the best fly fishing Park City has to offer.  The Middle Provo River is still flowing around 150 CFS ( cubic feet per second). The flows on the Middle Provo River should start to increase in flow the next few weeks as we get ready for spring run-off. The best fishing on the Middle Provo River has been in the afternoon. The Blue Winged Olive hatch starts around noon and goes for 2-4 hours depending on the day. For nymphing, Park City Fly Fishing Company guides are having the best success on a 4-6 foot rig with 6x tippet. We are using a Blue Winged Olive nymph like a Barr’s emerger in size 20-22 as our point fly and 22-24 thread midge trailed behind it. The best dry fly fishing is on overcast days. Keep in mind that the hatch usually takes a little longer in the day to get going when it’s not sunny out.

The flows on the Lower Provo River have come up about 60 CFS in the last week. The increase in flows have made fish become more active, feeding on sow bugs and other crustaceans.  The flows have also opened up more water to fish as well. With the increased water flows, we are spending more time on the Lower Provo River than anywhere else simply because it has made the fishing the best around. The dry fly fishing has suffered a little bit with the water flow increasing, but the nymph fishing has more than made up for it. We are fishing a double sow bug rig with a size 14-16 sow bug as our point fly and a size 20-22 sow bug trailed behind it. The fishing in the shallows has been excellent. If you shorten your nymph rig and stay close to the bank, you should have an excellent day fly fishing.


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