Middle Provo Fly Fishing

Currently, we are doing the majority of our guided fly fishing trips on the Middle Provo River. The flows on the Middle Provo have slowly come down the past couple of weeks and should drop to winter flows in the next month or so. In the morning, the midge hatch is starting to pick up and the fish are really active right at first light. In the morning, the fish are feeding in the medium to slow water and are one to six feet off the banks. We are still fishing a light weight rig that is only 4-6 feet deep. As for getting the right amount of weight for your nymph rig, I have been fishing 2-4 number 4 weight’s depending on how fast the water is I am fishing. As for a point fly, we are still fishing some sort of pale midge ranging in size 18 all the way down to size 22, a brown Yong’s Special in a size 20-24 and size 18 sow bug. For our dropper, we are fishing really small midge larva in red, grey, black and purple in a size 22-28. Most days the fish seem to all be keying to various flies so if the fishing slows up just change the colors and size of the midge you are fishing. The fishing starts to slow up at around 11:00 in the morning and really picks up in the late afternoon around 2:00 with a solid PMD hatch. Once the PMDs start to hatch the fish will move onto the faster moving riffles and actively feed on PMD nymphs and midge larva. The Best PMD action has been from the Highway 40 overpass all the way up to the dam.  As for nymphing during the PMD hatch, we are using a Mayhem as our point fly in a size 20-22. The best color has been black and I am using either a Barr’s Emerger or Micro Mayfly as our dropper. Fall fly fishing in Park City is one of the best opportunities to get a big fish on Middle Provo. Once the water drops, the hatches get even better and big fish come out and play.

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